About us

Famme Pronounced famam\

Famme is derived from femme, which meansr woman in French. Since the clothing brand was founded by two French-born founders, we could not have asked for a better name. We took femme and added our own Norwegian dispute. Voila! This is how the Famme adventure started with good training clothes on a winter day in 2016.6.

Today, Famme has grown to become an efficient and knowledgeable team that focuses on quality, product, efficiency and knowledge. We are a D2C (Direct-To-Consumer) brand which means that we sell our products directly to the customer through our website, and thus cut out intermediaries.

Spring motivation to start Famme is the same thing that motivates us today. Our goal is to create products you will love. Internally, we should make better training clothes than all our closest competitors. It was easy, as we had a good knowledge of the industry. Five years before Famme became a reality, we worked with several major European brands, including some of our most famous competitors. It has given us insight, strength and knowledge that has made us today a global and recognized clothing brand.

In the development of the garments, we combine technology and fashion to create nice and functional clothes for training and daily use. We have a wide selection that includes training clothes, jeans, seamless clothes, everyday clothes, athleisure, loungewear, running shoes and much more.


joggesko, løpesko, treningssko


Best on Seamless Training Clothes

Famme was early to make seamless products. In Norway, we became the first clothing brand with a focus on seamless training clothes, and have since been a leader in seamless, good quality. Our garments are superb because we use high quality yarn. A lot ofseamless yarn delivered from by ItalianFulgar. Fulgar SpA is considered one of the best manufacturers of technical yarn in the world. In addition to high quality products, we have a wide selection of tights, tops and underwear in seamless.

vortex tights, blå tights, svart tights, blå topp, svart topp


Sustainable and environmentally friendly produced

Our manufacturers are carefully selected. Most are also visited by Famme. This is how we ensure products of good quality, which are sustainably and environmentally friendly produced. Our manufacturers have a strong focus on environmentally friendly production.

The production facilities of our partners areenvironmentally friendly and sustainable to take care of both nature and the staff. Read more about ethical and sustainable productionhere.

If you have questions or want to give us feedback, feel free to write to ushere. Our head office and warehouse are centrally located in Oslo.


Our product categories

At Famme, we have a wide selection of clothes for all kinds of occasions. Whether you are going to training or being at home, we have garments that will suit your everyday life.


Training clothes

Sportswear is the category we specialize in, and our selection is therefore largest in this category, especiallytights. No matter what type of training is to be performed, we have guaranteed training clothes that will suit your needs.The online store is full oftraining tights andtraining tops in different colors and shapes.

For low- to medium-intensity training willtraining clothes in seamless be a good alternative. These garments sit loosely and comfortably on the body for maximum comfort. If you are going to train in high intensity willcompression tights andsports bra with good support be a good choice. With a lot of movement, it is important that the clothes are in place during the entire training session.



INthe online store you will also find clothes for walks or other outdoor activities. To havegood hiking clothes is important for a good hiking experience. Whether you need oneturbukse,hiking shorts,hiking jacket orwool underwear - we have what you need for your next trip!



When it comes toeveryday clothes we also have several products that are trendy on the market right now!Nice cozy clothes which can be used as a set or separately,jeans in both skinny and loose fits andsoft sweaters in, among other things, hoodies or turtlenecks - are some of the garments we offer that can be used for everyday life. On the jeans front, we specialize injeans which is suitable for ladies who train with good stretch.

Turklær og trendy hverdagsklær til dame


We only offer training clothes for women . We can recommendantifragile fortraining clothes for men,Sain Nutrition for supplements,Pureté for skin care and makeup. For sports glasses we recommendRetina label.