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Guide:Find your perfect workout sweater

For a good training experience, it is important to choose clothes that give you favorable comfort. Are you going to train in one sweater it is important to choose the right properties for different activities. Whether it's running, to and from training or for a sporty everyday look.

If, for example, you are going out for a run, it is important to have a sweater that has freedom of movement and good breathing properties. At the same time, it is obvious that it contains wool for colder days. If, on the other hand, you are going to run in the summer, you should wear a sweater with summer wool to avoid odors in the garments and to stay cool in the heat, and keep warm on cold evenings.

If, on the other hand, you focus on strength training indoors, we recommend technical quality that keeps you cool, removes moisture, is light in the fabric and breathes well. At Famme we have a large selection of tracksuits with fit as loose-fitting, snug-fitting with long sleeves and cropped versions. This guide will guide you through our selection of long-sleeved sweaters .


Long-sleeved sweaters

Our best-selling sweater for training isessential longs sleeve. This is the training sweater which is suitable for all kinds of training or activity both indoors and outdoors. It long-sleeved training top keeps warm when it's cool outside, and keeps you dry when the temperature rises. The sweater is made of light, thin, stretchy and technical material, and has one snug fit with a functional zipper at the neck. Comes in the colors white, black, blue, beige etc.

Hvit treningsgenser  Lilla treningsgenser


Essential LS hoodieis another edition from Essential. This the training sweater is made of a light and technical material that is moisture-transporting and quick-drying. The training peak suitable for running, strength training and Crossfit. At the same time, it is practical to use to and from training because the hood protects against wind and rain. Comes in the colors; black and blue.

Svart langermet hoodieBlå langermet hoodie


One of the latest training trends is ribbed garments, which give a minimalist feel.Ribbed Zip LS is a long-sleeved tracksuit with ¼ zipper in the neck for increased comfort. With technical properties, suitable long sleeven themselves for indoor and outdoor training. Match this the training peak with our Ribbed seamless tights. Comes in the colors white and black.

Hvit ribbed treningsgenser  Svart ribbed treningsgenser


Another technical sweater for training is oursTech LS T-shirt. The training sweater is made with seamless structures that allow it to ventilate well, resulting in less odor. With IONIC + and X-STATIC, the sweater prevents bacterial growth, and ensures that you stay fresh before, during and after training. In addition, the sweater is light, elastic and agreeable during all exercises. This training sweater comes in gray , white and black .

Langermet genserTeknisk long sleeve


Loose long sleeve

Long Sleeve T-shirtis a easy and loose-seated training sweater. With a fabric that breathes and is moisture-transporting, you will stay dry and comfortable during intense workouts. The back of the training sweater is designed with split panels for extra ventilation, which makes it perfect for running or the gym. Comes in the colors; blue and black.

løs sittende treningsgenserTreningsgenser i løs passform


Another loose-fitting training sweater is ours seamless Refine LS T-shirt, which is made of soft and comfortable material that breathes and dries quickly. The sweater is versatile, and is therefore suitable for all forms of training. It long-sleeved top comes with thumb hole .

Løs sittende langermet topp med tommelhullGym long sleeve med tommelhull 

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Cropped long sleeve

Ocean crop longs sleeve is a croppet training sweater . It has technical properties, which make it soft, delicious and a seamless favorite with many. With a continuous mesh structure, you get ventilation through the entire top.

Cropped treningstopp  Cropped treningstopp


Ribbed seamless crop LSis a long sleeve seamless top with cropped length. The fabric is made of rib knit material, with technical properties that are suitable for both outdoor and indoor training.

Crop ribbed treningstopp  Crop ribbed treningstopp


Camo long sleeve crop has an edgy and feminine look. This camo the training peak is made of the latest seamless the technology. With it's seamless construction and snug fit, the top is incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin.

Camo treningsgenser  Camo treningsgenser


Rib cropped LS Is an extension of ours ribbed seamless collection. This is a long sleeve cropped training top . Made of exclusive nylon 6.6, the top is softer, lighter, breathes better and dries quickly.

Seamless treningstopp  Seamless treningstopp
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Long sleeve with thumb hole

Ocean long sleeve is a long sleeve  and snug-fitting training sweater made for you who want high comfort . With properties such as moisture-transporting, soft and breathable, this is the training peak in seamless a big favorite with many. In addition, the sweater is slightly thicker in the fabric for you who want more warmth. The upper part has rib knit around the wrist thumb hole,  and a  mesh structure for  ventilation. Comes in the colors; black, red, blue, purple and dark gray.

Rød tettsittende treningsgenser  Blå tettsittende treningsgenser


How to style tracksuit?

After looking over this training sweater guide, you must have almost found your big favorite. But how should one style one longsleev? Several of ours tracksuits can be used for everyday for a basic look, as they are versatile in color range, and can be combined with our range ofjeans. If, on the other hand, you want to use the sweater for training, you can look overour selection of training tights.

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