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Discover our selection of training pants for women. We have training trousers with pockets, flare and slim fit. The various training pants come in several colors and shapes.

Do you want a technical pair of trousers for your training session or a comfortable and warm pair of trousers for a walk in the woods and fields? We have the perfect trousers for you.

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Yoga pants

One of the most important things to think about when choosing the right yoga pants is that they should be comfortable, breathe well and stay in place throughout the workout.

You don't want trousers that slide down or where the trouser legs get in the way. Therefore, it can be nice to look for trousers or leggings with a high enough waist and with elastic or pleats at the bottom of the legs, so that they sit where they should throughout the session. Leggings are a good alternative to trousers in all kinds of yoga. Whether you want to use seamless leggings for yoga, or yoga pants which is a leggings with a flare at the bottom for the classic yoga pants look, we have yoga clothes for your next training session.

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