Kapselgarderobe tips og hvordan lage det

How to make a capsule wardrobe

In this guide you will find information about the trendy capsule wardrobes, how to make your own and what kind of garments you can have in the closet for a good result.


What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is to divide all your clothes into different capsules within the seasons, for example a capsule forsummer clothes, a forautumn and so on. This solution is a sustainable movement so that you know what you have of clothes and that it saves a lot of time. Here you can create your own rules, you can sort within seasons, colors, shoe types,accessories and so on.


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Jean shorts i sommerkolleksjonen til dame  Grå bomullsgenser med glidelås til dame  Svart pannebånd med stretch til dame
This is suitable for you who think that you never have anything to wear, or are struggling to find clothes in the morning and need more overview.

Start your own capsule wardrobe

Follow these steps:

  1. Empty your entire closet
  2. Sort the clothes into which season it fits best in
  3. Unpack everything that is not in season right now
  4. Label all the capsules with the corresponding names
  5. Place the capsules in a storage area, such as a storage room or attic
  6. Do the same in the jacket closet and hallway


Feel free to make sure that the garments fit together, there can be around 20-30 garments in each capsule, but here you decide for yourself, as long as you can get more outfits out of the few garments.


What do you need in a basic wardrobe?

By basic garments we mean neutral garments that go with most things, here it is good to have what you wear for everyday life,jeans,T shirts,sweaters. Think of your clothes as a cake, the cake base is your basic garments, the filling is your cool clothes that are more colorful or patterned and finally you have decorated the cake which then becomes your accessory, jewelry, scarf orheadgear.

It is recommended to have a couplesneakers, enneutral sweater, a whiteT shirt,and pair of jeans, and ajacket, these go with everything!

Jeans kolleksjon til dame  Genser i ribbestrikk til dame  Sneakers, løpesko for dame til dame

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What are the benefits of this?

Since there is much less clothing to go through every day, it is much faster to get dressed in the morning, it takes up much less space and there is much less clutter. In addition, it becomes much more clear in the closet, it becomes easier to put things in the closet and last but not least it is sustainable!


Sustainable clothing and production - Famme

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