Guide - Brette treningstøy

Guide - Fold training clothes

Have you ever experienced that it can be difficult to fold training clothes and that the drawer becomes more and more cluttered We too!!

Therefore, we have created a small and light guide that can help you get an organized and neat training drawer that is easy to maintain, without it taking long.

The guide is based on how the clothes are folded before they are packed and sent out to customers.

How to fold a sweater:

If you need a new training sweater, you will find ithere


How to fold a tights:

We have a large selection of different training tights, you will find ithere!


How to fold a top / t-shirt / croptop:

If you are looking for a training peak for hot summer days or for the fitness center, you can check out our collections forcrop tops,tank tops andT shirts


How to fold a sports bra:

We have sports bras for every breast, whether you need a lot, medium or little support for low- and high-intensity traininghere.
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